Acetoxy Silicone Sealant

  • Glass Panel LJ-3000
Glass Panel LJ-3000

Glass Panel LJ-3000

  • Product description: It is designed specifically for structural bonding of large glass panel and point supported curtain wall, and for sealing of large aquarium.

Product Description

Acetic Silicone Sealant for Large Glass Panel is a high performance, fast acetic curing and long lasting silicone rubber with 100% silicone. It is designed specifically for structural bonding of large glass panel and point supported curtain wall, and for sealing of large aquarium. It is ideal for glass, ceramics, fiberglass, aluminum and non-oily wood.


  • One -part, acetoxy cure at room temperature;
  • Fast cure, excellent adhesive strength;
  • Superior adhesion to many building materials;
  • Outstanding weather resistance against water, temperature extremes.


  • Bonding and sealing in the assembly of large glass panel and glass roof
  • Structural bonding for point supported curtain wall sealing
  • Sealing and bonding for large aquarium, glass engineering

Other Details

Available color
Transparent,white, black, grey and any other color as customer's request
Package size
300 ml/cartridge, 24 cartridges/carton (or Cartridge: 80ml 220ml 280ml, 300ml, 310ml as customer's request)
Shelf life
12 months after production date
Keep it in dry place,Don't unseal it before use it.Keep a storage temperature below 27℃ to prolong its service life
Safety Recommendation
Keep out of reach of children. Once it contacts skin or eye by accident, rinse the affected part with water for 15 minutes or turn to doctor for help immediately.

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