Neutral Silicone Sealant

  • ACP LJ-5000
ACP LJ-5000

ACP LJ-5000

  • Product description: Specialized for glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, marble, granite, aluminum curtain wall, metal structural curtain wall, all kinds of joint architecture & industrial sealing and etc.

Product Description

  • Neutral curing, single-component, no ordour or smell, waterproof, weatherproof, age resistant, ultraviolet and ozone resistance
  • Fast tack free time, excellent tensile strength, good expanding performance and bonding strength

Main Function

  • Structural glazing and sealing for glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall and metal structural engineering
  • Semi-hidden & hidden frame, engineering curtain wall sealing

Product Application

  • Structural bonding and sealing on glass, stone and aluminum
  • The second time bonding and sealing on hollow glass.
  • For various kinds of building and industrial sealing.
  • No corrosive to metals, marble, ceramics, concrete, stone and glazing glass.


Cartridge package: 280ml, 300ml /pc, 24 pcs/ carton.

Sausage package: 590ml, 600ml, 20 pcs /carton.


Keep in dry place; don’t unseal it before use; keep a storage temperature below 27 prolong its service life; 12 moths guarantee.

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